UCI Safety Glasses and Goggles

An established leader in the Personal Protection Equipment market in the UK. Initially working with the hand protection sector they have sinced branched out to encompass a range of Personal Protection Equipment.

The UCi brand of safety glasses is building a great reputation as a company that produces quality, well manufacturedc protective eyewear to suit a variety of needs in a number of different areas such as the industrial and sports sectors. This is a list of the extensive range of UCi products that are available for next day delivery today! 



Our low-cost entry level pair of safety glasses. Certified to the EN166 European standard including anti-scratch lenses!

Safety Standard: EN166 1F

Marmara F+

Another light weight pair of glasses in the Marmara style. It has a wraparound deisgn and comes with foam inserts for extra comfort. Comes with neckcord for added ease of use.

Safety Standard: EN166 1F



An ultra light weight modern design with a curvature design. These glasses wraparound your face for extra comfort. A multipurpose safety glass to suit different working environments.

Safety Standard: EN166 1F


Really a hybrid glass and goggle. You can interchange between side arms, head strap and foam gasket to fit your needs. With a wraparound design and being light weight it really can suit most settings.

Safety Standard: EN166 1FT


A light weight design and adjustable side arms mean this is a great all rounder. They are optical quality 1 so you can wear them all day long.

Safety Standard: EN166 1F


Giving a wide field of vision these glasses come with adjustable arms and a free neck cord for added comfort and ease of use.

Safety Standard: EN166 1F


Sports style safety glasses with a wraparound design. A very comfortable and efficient pair of safety glasses that can be worn in most scenarios all day if needed.

Safety Standard: EN166 1FT


These glasses look great and really fit comfortably around the face. Add to that a screwless design and these safety glasses will help to protect your eyes whlist you work, play sports or holiday.

 Safety Standard: EN166 1F


If your looking for some competitively priced safety glasses that will also fit over most existing prescription glasses if needed then these could fit you perfectly!

Safety Standard: EN166 1F


These really look like they were developed to play sports in rather than work in. With a wraparound close fitting style. But as Safetyglasses they have extendable arms for extra comfort and an extra soft nose bridge.

Safety Standard: EN166 1F


Multi purpose sports style safety glasses that stand out from the crowd. As well as the features you would expect from premium safety glasses these come with a new indoor / outdoor lens tint so no need for another pair!

Safety Standard: EN166 1F

Budget Safety Goggle

A simple no-thrills safety goggle with adjustable head band, ventilated body and high quality lenses. Ideal for schools and labs as protective eyewear to share and easily replaced.

Safety Standard: EN166 1B


Comfortable TPR sidearms and nose bridge, lanyard and foam gasket to fit your needs. With a wraparound design and being light weight it really can suit most settings. Comes in a couple of colours with blaxe pink or saturn yellow sidearms.

Safety Standard: EN166 1FT