Manufacturer: Bolle Product Code: x800i
Price: £43.3 each ex vat

£51.96 each including vat
Weight: 106g / Stanag:: 177m/s
Discount price each
1 - 5 £43.30 ex vat
6 - 20 £42.10 ex vat
21 - 50 £40.89 ex vat
51 - 100 £39.69 ex vat
101 - 250 £38.49 ex vat
251+  £37.29 ex vat
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About These Goggles:
A really popular ballistic goggle due to their simplicity. At only 106g they are really lightweight and yet fully helmet compatible.

The lens stands off the frame leaving a small gap to provide excellent ventilation. Along with special anti-fog lens treatments this makes them especially good in wet and humid environments or when performing especially rigorous activity.

They are STANG certified to resist impacts up to  177m/s (637km/h) which is very high for ballistic eyewear but not as high as the x1000. If you require the highest possible resistance see the dual lens x1000.

Each pair is provided with a separate microfibre pouch for cleaning and storage.

Bolle X800 Balistic Goggles


Safety Standards:
All our ballistic goggles are certified to STANAG 2920, the official NATO Military Agency for Standardization (MAS) ballistic test method for personal armour materials and combat clothing.

Here we have also summarised the main European safety standards for the frame and lens. After each are their specific safety markings (i.e. 2-1.2 1F). To interpret these and understand the full specifications of each pair, please see our dedicated Standards Advice Section.

  • Lens - EN166  1  T  CE
    BS EN 166 - Optical quality 1
    STANAG 2920 - Ballistic Resistant to 177 m/s (637 km/h)

For additional information please click the image or 'Full Specifications' link above.

  • Ballistic resistant frame and lens
  • Adjustable strap
  • Helmet Compatible
  • Anti-Scratch / Anti-Fog lens
  • Protection from airborne hazards
  • Weight: 106g

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